Education/Newsletter/May 2015/Editathon for young students to edit articles about their school

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By Giselle Bordoy (WM AR) and Samir Elsharbaty (WMF)

Snippet: Young students in La Plata, Argentina attend an editathon to write Wikipedia articles about the history of their school.

Wikimedia Argentina, Rafael Hernandez National College and the University of La Plata had the first initiative to organize an editathon for young school students with the goal of writing articles about the school on Wikipedia. The Hernandez students of fourteen and fifteen years old met at their school which hosted the event on May 11 and 12, 2015. In two days, the event was attended by around 120 students who enjoyed exploring the heritage of their school, finding sources and updating Wikipedia entries about it.

The history of Rafael Hernandez National college dates back to late nineteenth century when the city of La Plata was established as the school started as a boy-only school. One of the main reasons for holding this event was to get young students introduced to the history of the institution in which they study, and share what they learn with the world via Wikipedia. When students searched their school archives they were able to make great discoveries. Students made a list of students who disappeared during the last military dictatorship. They also found that their school had an anthem.

Students and organizers enjoyed the day they spent expressing their love to the school and being able to share this love with the world using Wikipedia which will be helpful for anyone looking for information about the school and the history of La Plata.

Wikimedia Argentina always tried to connect the education programs goals with the goals of GLAM projects. Taking the archives to the classroom to improve the development of the work carried out by the students and empower them in their local contexts

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