Education/Newsletter/November 2014/Successful Wikipedia assignments presented by faculty at national conference in Sweden

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By Sara Mörtsell (Wikimedia Sverige)

For best new article of the month on Swedish Wikipedia.

Snippet: Faculty at Linnaeus University presented their recurring Wikipedia assignment project at national conference, and student contributions are celebrated by the Swedish Wikipedia Community.

The conference for Educational development of Higher Education, NU2014 was held in Umeå in October and a team och educators from the Department of Biology and Environmental Science at The Linnaeus University were invited to present how they, now four years running, design Wikipedia assignments as part of the Biology undergraduate course. This year's assignment was on the topic of parasites and parasitic diseases in animals. What's interesting is that 12 of the students took the opportunity to thoroughly extend various articles on the topic created by Lsjbot by around 12, 500 byte each, see for example Hjärtmask. Other students created new articles and some of them were voted best new article of the month by the Wikipedia Community, e.g Flavobacterium columnare

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