Education/Newsletter/September 2016/Cairo University students wrap up their eighth term and start their ninth term on WEP

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By Walaa Abdel Manaem (Wikipedia Education Program Egypt) & (Egypt Wikimedians User Group)

Distinguished contributions by Cairo University students over eight consecutive terms.
Distinguished articles on Arabic Wikipedia by Wikipedia Education Program students over eight consecutive terms.

Snippet: The eighth term of WEP courses has ended and the ninth term of WEP has started in the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University with great success.

Walaa Abdel Manaem, Wikipedia Education Program leader at Cairo University, has encouraged new participants from the departments of Spanish, English languages and History with posts on social media websites and brochures. She helped them understand the general idea of the program and encouraged them to participate. Also, she held online webinars to follow up with her students in addition to the workshops held at the campus to teach students how to edit Wikipedia.

Additionally, Prof. Abeer Abdel-Hafiz has exerted great efforts with her students and introduced Walaa to new classes of senior students for whom she has organized general seminars about Wikipedia and the Wikipedia Education Program. At the same time, Walaa was assigning her first, second and third year Spanish students to edit Wikipedia.

Regarding numbers, 81 students joined this course, of which 72 are female and 9 are male students. They worked on more than 100 articles on the Arabic Wikipedia. They have achieved 3 featured articles, 3 good articles and a featured list. Also, when they wrapped up their eighth term, there were some articles which they hadn't finished yet. But, in the the ninth term, they plan to complete editing them and have nominated 3 featured articles and 1 good article.

Over eight consecutive terms, Egyptian students have added massive amounts of content to Wikipedia that now accounts for 3% of the whole Arabic encyclopedia. This content also increases article quality, with a growing number of featured and good articles that represent approximately 12.31% of the featured articles, 8.57% of good articles, 3% of featured portals, and 3.44% of featured lists of the Arabic Wikipedia.

Regarding the distinguished contributions of Cairo University students over eight consecutive terms of WEP, they have added 51.72% of the featured articles, 38.88% of good articles, 100% of featured portals, and 100% of featured lists of the Arabic Wikipedia.

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