Education/Newsletter/September 2016/Wiki Workshop at Saint Petersburg Internet Conference 2016 in Russia

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By Niklitov, Wikimedia RU

Vladimir Medeyko, director of Wikimedia RU (WMRU) talks about goals of Wikimedia RU and Wikimedia Foundation Strategy.
Photo by Alina Mayorova

Snippet: Visitors to a major Russian Internet Conference learned that there are other Wikimedia projects in addition to Wikipedia.

Vladimir Medeyko, director of Wikimedia RU and member WMRU, had a presentation and workshop about how to work with Wikimedia sister projects at a major Russian Internet Conference in Saint Petersburg. The following topics were discussed:

  • What unites Wikimedia sister projects?
  • Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, etc. and opportunities for mankind.
  • Promotion of news media with Wikinews.
  • Collaboration, sponsorships and partnerships with organisations (ex: Wiki Science Competition).
  • OTRS questions and open licenses for corporate and news websites.
  • Working together (the practical part of the workshop).
  • Grants and travel grants.

Questions indicated that guests only knew about Wikipedia. They had not previously heard about the other sister projects. This tells us that we need more Wikipedia meetups and WMRU marketing events, external popular scientific PR, GR, and IR.

Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in Russia here.