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This Month in Education

Volume 10 • Issue 9 • September 2021


Kulturhistoria som gymnasiearbete 2.jpg

Wikimedia Sverige has a collaboration with the Nordic Museum and the Center for Business History, where students write Wikipedia articles about cultural history. The sixth edition of this project has just started! read more...

WikiForum Kyiv 2021 Day 2 Photo 18.jpg

In 2020, our Educational Program was forced to switch to the online-only mode. Training sessions were replaced by webinars, and the exchange of experiences could take place exclusively online. Ukrainian teachers and students also had to switch to distance learning. Now everyone is thirsty for live meetings and events. In August this year, we finally had the opportunity to meet in person during the Wikipedia 20 Forum in Kyiv; the event brought together over 40 participants, including over a dozen educators. In September, we took part in an event with partners to present a joint educational project for Kyiv school students for 2021/2022. read more...

Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Module 1-3 Distribution in PH 11.jpg

Printed modules of ‘Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom’ were distributed to eight schools in the Phillippines, which will be utilized by the teachers of these institutions. read more...

Wikiměsto Týn nad Vltavou participants (8916).jpg

Our traditional event where senior citizens, former students of courses Senior Citizens write on Wikipedia, took place in South Bohemia in a small town called Týn nad Vltavou on the weekend of 17–19th September. It was our fourth year of this kind of event and it was also the most successful one regarding the number of participants and the amount of content. read more...

Concurso WikiPorLaEducacion Flyer (versión facebook).jpg

We would like to invite teachers, researchers and anybody interested to participate in this #wikicontest to create and improve the content on Wikipedia about education and pedagogies in Latinamerica and the Caribbean. Visit WikiPorLaEducación en Latinoamérica y el Caribe for more information on the terms, conditions and prizes of the contest (open until 10/24!) read more...

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