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Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

Education in the Morocco

The following page describes and provides information about the general education system in Morocco. :

Academic Year

The school year begins in Mid September till June 30th.

Core Academic Areas

  1. The Arabic language
  2. Islamic education
  3. Social Disciplines (History - Geography and Civic Education)
  4. French
  5. Mathematics
  6. Natural Sciences
  7. Physical Sciences
  8. Physical education
  9. Plastic education
  10. Women's Culture or Initiation to Technology
  11. Music Education

(Collegial education subject)

Language of instruction

Arabic and French

The Moroccan parliament passed a law to promote French a language of teaching scientific subjects in 2019

Types of Schools

Two types of schools in Morocco are public schools and private schools.

School Years by age

  1. Pre-school (4-6),
  2. Primary (6-12),
  3. Collegial Edu (12-15),
  4. Qualifying secondary edu (15-18),
  5. Tertiary (18-22).
Basic education is free and composulary, including primary edu and collegial edu.

Classroom infrastructure

2005, the Generalization of Information Technologies and Communication in Education (GENIE) initiative promotes to equip classrooms with computer laboratories with internet access. All lower secondary schools have their own science laboratories that accommodate requirements of the national curriculum.

Overall Literacy Level

73.75% ( 2018,UIS)

Gender Distribution

Gross enrollment rate at secondary level: Male 83.7%, Female 76.58% (2018, UIS).


  1. Multi-languages environment. Primary schools use Arabic as the medium of instruction, however most of Berber families hardly know any Arabic.
  2. There are still large regional disparity at the secondary level and beyond.
  3. The rate of teacher absenteeism in public schools is high (4.8%) and nearly triple that of private schools (1.7%).
Teacher qualifications
Teacher qualifications
Media & Information literacy
Media & Information literacy
About the research
About the research
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