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Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

Education in the Morocco

The Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom project works with students aged 12-14, among grade 7-10. The following are an overview of learning objectives of each subject from grade 7 to 10:

Subject Content Standard Wikipedia Links (Quality Scale in English / Arabic; NA stands for rating not available)
Physics and Chemistry the three state of matter, electricity around us, types of compositions, the effect of electrical resistance on the intensity of the electrode, light and color, simple circuit 1. (B / Start)
2. (GA / FA)
3. (B / C)
4. (Start / Start)
5. (B / B)
6. (C / C)
7. (C / NA)
Life science and earth breathing in different settings, explore a natural environment, plants nutrition, human and animal nutrition, geological material, nutritional relationships are in a normal environment, geologic time, water resources, manifestation of earth's external forces 1. ( C / Start)
2. (C / NA)
3. (C / NA)
4. ( C / NA)
5. ( B / NA)
6. ( unclear / NA)
Math fractional numbers, integers and decimals, the triangle, special lines in a triangle, parallel and interrupt, central symmetry, circles, 1. ( C / Stub)
2. ( C / C)
3. ( C / Stub)
4. (C / B)
5. ( C / Start)
6. ( C / Stub)
7. ( B / Stub)
8. (C / B )
Social studies (history and geography) civilization of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia civilization, Ancient Morocco,Greek civilization, ancient religions and civilizations between pluralism and monotheism, Islamic civilization: models of intellectual production, Earth in the universe, trainning to coordinate and determine the location, dry and water cover, atmosphere, justice, dignity, equality, solidarity, democracy, the role of law in our lives 1. ( FA / B)
2. (C / B)
3. (C / Start)
4. (C / NA)
5. ( Start / Stub)
6. ( C / Stub)
Islamic education faith and its impact on human life, Prophets and messengers and their messages, Muhammad is the Messenger of God, Purity is the basis of worship, Worship in Islam, Prayer and its rulings, Islam's call to knowledge, the Holy Quran, Money in Islam, Islam and health, caring for rights in Islam, Aesthetic education in Islam, Islam's interest in adornment
Music education Pulse, Beat, musical amphitheater, whole and half rest,sign of silence,signs of repetition, musical weight, extension marks, Arabic rhythms, western music, tones and sounds 1. (C / NA )
2. ( Start / Stub)
3. ( C / no page)
4. ( NA / no page)
5. (NA / no page)
6. ( B / NA)
7. ( Start / No page)

Teacher qualifications
Teacher qualifications
Media & Information literacy
Media & Information literacy
About the research
About the research
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