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4 Translate Editing Wikipedia brochure Resources Help translate/assign others to translate the "Editing Wikipedia" brochure to languages that were not translated/not complete till now. This task is suitable for several number of people to work on everyone's language or even more than one person/language pair. Translating 1500 words/person of the "Editing Wikipedia" brochure. This job is not easy to be done by one person. It is recommended to involve others to be able to get the whole brochure translated in a good time. 24/7/2015 24/10/2015 Samir Roxana YesY Done Link to the brochure

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20 Developing a quick start guide for students in WEP in Egypt Learning & Resources There is a dire need for local guides that addresses the targeted group.This QSG shall be a smooth explanation targeting students volunteering to translate. Creating a QSG for students. 19/08/2015 19/11/2015 Reem Reem Done with the first part. QSG for novice translation students-First part-First edition

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21 Newsletter post for the next issue Communications Write/encourage other program leaders, ambassadors or educators to write a newsletter post that share experiences for others to learn from. Writing one high-quality newsletter post for the education newsletter about experiences that others can learn from. e.g. successful events, educators, students, etc. 11/8/2015 11/8/2015 Sara Mörtsell Sara Mörtsell YesY Done newsletter post

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23 Create an arabic brochure of editing Wikipedia for students in WEP in Egypt Learning & Resources Create a complete arabic brochure of editing Wikipedia for our students in WEP in Egypt, based on‎‏ ‏both editor (Wikipedia ‎Edit tools) and professor’s experience (dealing with students) to explain how to edit Wikipedia ‎easily according to daily editing. A complete and easy arabic brochure of editing Wikipedia for students in WEP in Egypt and everybody who would like to edit Wikipedia without ‎problems. 16/08/2015 26/08/2015 Walaa Walaa YesY Done Link to the brochure

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