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This page is currently a draft.
Material may not yet be complete, information may presently be omitted, and certain parts of the content may be subject to radical, rapid alteration. More information pertaining to this may be available on the talk page.

What are we doing?[edit]

The GLAM-Wiki community has a lot of documentation, and a lot of experience executing different kinds of program models. However, the main way in which we document this material, the GLAM-Wiki Newsletter, has gotten bigger and harder for all GLAM participants to navigate and have a grasp of. New contributors to GLAM-wiki rarely can gauge if their approach to a project is entirely new, or if there are representative case studies and structures for doing that work. Similarly, experienced GLAM-Wiki contributors have trouble finding the best examples or models for their own ideas or projects and GLAM coordinators for affiliates often create repeat infrastructure for their projects (handouts, workshops, and other materials).

Stuart Prior at WMUK initiated an evaluation of some of this documentation by initiating mapping of the different workflows that they have been using in the UK, and more broadly across GLAM communities. Paired with mapping the GLAM-Wiki newsletter, our hope is that we can do several projects: first provide a front-end overhaul of the GLAM-Wiki portal on Outreach so that the materials within it are easier to access, and provide greater utility for different audiences; integrate a portal into the Wikimedia Resource center for community members; and provide a basic understanding of what folks are including in GLAM-Wiki. We want to be able to point to the appropriate resources for each of these major activities, so that folks implementing GLAM-Wiki projects can do so with the best materials available.

Moreover, we expect that as an international community, we have “missed” best practices or activity types that have been developed by local communities. By doing a full mapping of this content, we will expose what both fits and doesn’t fit within our more common models for GLAM-Wiki.

How are we doing it?[edit]

We have sketched a category tree below which should include most of the anticipated “tactics” for GLAM collaborations around the common ways in which GLAM-Wiki is practiced and used in our more experienced communities. Like all things on-wiki its preliminary, and definitely could include other categories as we go. If you think one of the categories doesn’t work, please comment on the talk page.

Activity/Tactics categories[edit]

  • Digital collections activities (In the broad scope of
    • Mass Upload
    • Documenting Objects
    • Documenting Living Traditions -
    • Digitization
    • Using Digital Content
      • Commons enrichment
      • WikiSource
      • Wikipedia integration
  • Knowledge integration activities (in the broad scope of GLAM/Sharing Knowledge
    • Events
      • Editathons -- explicitly focused on editing
      • Backstage Pass -- tour of the institution tied to thematic contribution
      • Training events -- explicitly focused on new editor development or staff skills
      • Workshop -- designed for developing new skills or resources for creating impact in GLAM
      • Other collaboration events?
    • Staff editing
    • Embedded Wikimedians
      • Interns
      • Wikip/median in Residence
      • Visiting Scholar
    • Online Editing Campaigns
      • Multilingual campaign
    • Wikidata projects
    • Education Program integration
  • Other GLAM projects
    • Institutional policy changes
      • Licensing and access rights
      • Technology Projects

Institution type[edit]

  • Museums
    • Natural history Museum
    • Anthropological/Cultural/History Museum
    • Art Museum/Gallery
    • State Museum
    • Regional/Local museums
  • Libraries
    • Research libraries
    • Public libraries
    • Academic libraries
    • State libraries
  • Archives
    • Local archive
    • Research archive
    • State archive
    • Business archive
  • Other institutions

Level of information in the newsletter[edit]

  • Outreach materials  -- the newsletter includes links to materials used in outreach
  • Process -- the newsletter describes the process for creating the partnership
  • Case study  -- the newsletter acts a thorough case study, showing dynamic of developing the project
  • Outcomes -- the newsletter only reports outcomes for the projects
  • External coverage -- the newsletter includes links to press or external blog coverage

Where do I start?[edit]

Pick one of the issues below and, by signing your name to the issue to claim it. Once you have finished categorizing the issues, add the {{done}} template afterwards.

Try to categorize each page in that issue as thoroughly as you can. If you can’t determine the appropriate subcategory for a page, put it in a level-one category that is close to the topic. We can sort “non-standard” or “hard to determine pages” from these higher level container categories -- but each page needs to have at least one category for each of the types of tags.

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