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From the editors

By Rock drum and Witty lama

Hello and welcome to this, the February 2011 edition of This Month in GLAM. You may notice a new look in the layout this month. It draws upon several things, the Signpost and Bugle, included. We'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to reach out to your local GLAMs. Whether it's on as big a scale as the Indianapolis collaboration or something simple like putting QR codes on exhibits (with permission of course), anyone can do it. GLAMs will often by delighted to work with Wikimedians as they want to make their content as accessible as possible and Wikimedia is another channel through which this is possible. If you know of other GLAM-Wikimedia collaborations, please make sure we know about it by adding it to the Suggestions page! Please also help us distribute this newsletter by giving your ideas for dissemination methods.

One issue that arose with this month's edition of This Month in GLAM was a lack of contributors. Please join in by writing articles, expanding articles, copyediting, wikifying, formatting...

Happy editing,
Rock drum & Witty lama

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