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2020 - Volume X
2019 - Volume IX
2018 - Volume VIII
2017 - Volume VII
2016 - Volume VI
2015 - Volume V
2014 - Volume IV
2013 - Volume III
2012 - Volume II
2011 - Volume I

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Current edition[edit]

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  • AfLIA Wikipedia in African Libraries report: Wikipedia in African Libraries Project
  • Brazil report: Abre-te Código hackathon, Wikidata related events and news from our partners
  • Finland report: Postponed Hack4FI GLAM hackathon turned into an online global Hack4OpenGLAM
  • France report: Partnership with BNU Strasbourg
  • Germany report: Coding da Vinci cultural data hackathon heads to Lower Saxony
  • India report: Mapping GLAM in Maharashtra, India
  • Indonesia report: Bulan Sejarah Indonesia 2.0; Structured data edit-a-thon; Proofreading mini contest
  • Netherlands report: National History Month: East to West, Dutch libraries and Wikipedia
  • New Zealand report: West Coast Wikipedian at Large
  • Norway report: The Sámi Languages on wiki
  • Serbia report: Many activities are in our way
  • Sweden report: Librarians learn about Wikidata; More Swedish literature on Wikidata; Online Edit-a-thon Dalarna; Applications to the Swedish Innovation Agency; Kulturhistoria som gymnasiearbete; Librarians and Projekt HBTQI; GLAM Statistical Tool
  • UK report: Enamels of the World
  • USA report: American Archive of Public Broadcasting; Smithsonian Women in Finance Edit-a-thon; Black Lunch Table; San Diego/October 2020; WikiWednesday Salon
  • Calendar: November's GLAM events
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