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Edit-a-thons in Puebla and Mexico City; Möebius radio program

By ProtoplasmaKid

Edit-a-thon at Puebla City and Museo Universitario del Chopo

Final photo of edit-a-thon ar Puebla

In May, Wikimedia Mexico held two edit-a-thons. First, the second in Puebla City past May 4th, commemorating the Battle of Puebla. This event was attended by 42 people who worked on Wikipedia in Spanish, Nahuatl, French, Catalan and Danish. The event was held at the HUB Emprendedor of the historical downtown of Puebla city, for the second time. Astrolabio, which organized the event in collaboration with Wikimedia México, achieved several sponsorships for the event, including a package of books to all the participands and the round trip of Wikipedians of Mexico City to Puebla. For the second time, Wikimedia Spain and members of Amical Viquipedia translated into Catalan.

Final photo at Museo Universitario del Chopo

On May 25, we edit in the Museo Universitario del Chopo of UNAM, where we write about the history of the site and articles related to one of the cultural centers that has been present in the history of Mexico City for decades. Originally intended for an international exhibition, the museum traveled in the beginning of the XX century deconstructed from Dusseldorf and was placed in Santa Maria la Ribera.

For this edit-a-thon, the documentation center (Mediateca) opened its archives in order to have historical references, including the original documentation of the decade of the thirties. The event was curated by Brenda Caro, coordinator of the documentation center. It was insufficient time to edit in Wikipedia about the long history of the museum, so we are planning to come back to a second marathon in the next months.

Möebius radio program

From June 8, Wikimedia Mexico will co-produce "Möebius" a weekly radio program in Ibero 90.9 FM [1], one of the trendsetter media in Mexico City. The creative concept of the program is to find two topics allegedly disconnected, but united by four or five Wikipedia articles, with a sound design that will reinforce the concept.

It has been several months of planning the concept, which will serve to further spread our mission in Mexico, thanks our GLAM partnering with the Universidad Iberoamericana and their radio station, Ibero 90.9 FM.

This program will be conducted by Almendra Hernández, Carmen Alcázar and Iván Martínez and will be transmited every saturday at 08:30 (-06:00 GMT) in 90.9 FM or

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