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Subject: REMINDER: Survey Among Heritage Institutions - Your Participation Matters!

Dear Sir / Madam,
Dear colleague,

A couple of weeks ago we sent you an invitation to take part in our survey about cultural heritage institutions in the Internet era.

Your participation in the survey is important as it helps us to get a realistic picture of the situation in [country XY]!

If you have already started to fill in the questionnaire, you can just continue where you have left it. If you haven’t started yet, please do so now! It will only take you 20-40 minutes.

Follow this link to the Survey: ${l://SurveyLink?d=参加调查}

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:


最后期限: [insert a date ca. 1 week after the sending date of the message]

The survey is carried out by Bern University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with local teams in more than 20 countries in order to gain an overview of how the institutions are adapting to new trends and in order to develop tailor-made support programmes as and where needed. The results of the survey will be made available to the general public and provide heritage institutions with an excellent tool to see where they stand compared to other institutions in our country and abroad.

We very much hope that you will be able to support our work. It is only by understanding how organisations such as yours are developing that we, as a community, can work out where to focus our efforts.


For the XXX team:

YYY, Organization ZZZ


Follow the link below to opt out of future emails:
${l://OptOutLink?d=Opt out of future emails}