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The GLAM community has organized various types of outreach events, each meant for a specific audience and each with a specific purpose. These include GLAM-Wiki conferences directed towards GLAM professionals, GLAMcamp workshops that bring together Wikimedians for coordination efforts, and other outreach events, such as Edit-a-Thons and Backstage Passes, that are often specific to a singular institution.

For a full listing of events, please see the GLAM projects and events page.
For a calendar of upcoming events see the Google Calendar and the This Month in GLAM Calendar.

GLAM-Wiki conference

Speakers at GLAM-Wiki London included Wikimedia CEO Sue Gardner as well as GLAM professionals.
GLAM-WIKI conferences have the goal of bringing together GLAM professionals in order to discuss particular issues surrounding Wikimedia partnerships in cultural institutions. These often include a keynote speaker and other presentations, followed by break out sessions typical of other professional conferences. The GLAM-Wiki conference might include a workshop teaching GLAM professionals about how Wikipedia works, providing them the means to move forward with a cooperation with Wikimedia.
  • Intended participants: Cultural sector professionals and Wikimedians who will lead workshops and other sessions.
  • Examples of GLAM-Wiki conferences


GLAMCamp NYC involved strategizing and technical development.
GLAMcamps bring together Wikimedians, typically from within the GLAM-Wiki community, and are more internally focused than the GLAM-Wiki conference. GLAMcamps are intended to be a time to work together on documentation, technical tools, and the formalizing of infrastructure so that the community can better serve GLAMs.
Sometimes a singular event is planned that brings in local GLAM professionals who are highly interested in beginning a project with Wikimedia, though this is not the focus of the GLAMcamp. Often, social events include backstage passes in local cultural institutions for those Wikimedians participating in GLAMcamp.
  • Intended participants: Wikimedians who are highly involved in the GLAM-Wiki community and developers, staff, and Wikimedians who are interested in becoming more involved in GLAM-Wiki.
  • Examples of GLAMcamps
    • New York City (May 2011) | Convened by Liam Wyatt & Richard Knipel.
    • Amsterdam (December 2011) | Convened by Liam Wyatt & Jessica Tangelder.
    • Washington DC (February 2012) | Convened by Lori Phillips, Sarah Stierch & Pete Forsyth
    • GLAM Meet ups for German speaking GLAMistas latest in March 2014 Bremen | Convened by Matthias Süßen and WMDE

Plans are being discussed for a future GLAM Bootcamp. (See the GLAM Bootcamp proposal.)


See also: edit-a-thon

Edit-a-thon at the Fundació Miró, September 2011
Edit-a-thons are organized meetups, often sponsored by and held at a GLAM, that bring Wikipedians and staff together to create high quality articles related to that institution's content. They are usually organized by and hosted at the specific institution, with a Wikipedian in Residence or other highly involved Wikimedian leading the event. Edit-a-thons are often coordinated alongside a Backstage Pass event.

For a full listing of edit-a-thons, please see the GLAM projects and events page.

Backstage Pass

Wikimedians behind the scenes at the British Museum, June 2010.

See also: Backstage Pass

A Backstage Pass is an event coordinated through a single cultural institution that brings local Wikipedians behind the scenes. This is often carried out as part of a Wikipedian in Residence partnership and is seen as an act of good faith by the GLAM to the Wikimedia Foundation. The events often result in shared resources, such as images or hard to find research sources, that are then contributed to Wikimedia. Often an Edit-a-Thon is incorporated as part of a Backstage Pass event.

For a full listing of backstage pass events, please see the GLAM projects and events page.