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NavWiki Project Management information

Diagram of a recommended flow of videos for users

NavWiki proposals and plans[edit]


In progress[edit]


Please see the most recent newsletter and the NavWiki/Development Lab page for updates regarding plans.



Template:NavWiki/Under construction section notice[edit]

This section is in development.
Status updates might be available in the NavWiki Development Lab.
For any questions, please ask on the NavWiki Project Talk page.

Template:NavWiki/Under construction page notice[edit]

NavWiki page in development
Your patience is appreciated.

Newsletter header[edit]

"Compass icon" "VisualEditor logo" "Wikipedia digital art" "Clackboard" "A logo for the GLAM program" "Wikipedia globe with hands"

Icon sets[edit]

Useful links for HTML, CSS, and other design topics[edit]