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Gnome-applications-science.svg NavWiki Development Lab.

"An old gas station that is now used as a plant greenhouse"

Gnome-applications-science.svgProduction flow and viewer flow[edit]

Here is a reminder regarding the prioritization of the videos and the viewers' planned progression through those videos.

Flow of scenes and prioritization for production

Gnome-applications-science.svgScripts and related information[edit]

These scripts are going into production during the next several weeks, but you can continue to comment on them if you would like. Comments can be helpful even after the videos are produced, both so that I can consider revising these scripts and so that I can consider the feedback when developing future videos.

The scripts which are linked below are at draft version 1, and their development is paused. I am not asking anyone to review them this time, but please feel free to make comments if you would like.

The following scripts will have ideas from them incorporated into other scripts, instead of being produced as separate videos.

You can comment directly in the Google docs, or on the project talk page.

Resources that were a part of the previous project which was called LearnWiki.[edit]

Non-script information[edit]

Draft scripts[edit]

Gnome-applications-science.svgNear term plans and work in progress[edit]

Newsletter 3[edit]

  • Publish newsletter 3


  • Update the talk page with User:Sonia's Inputbox
  • Consider moving the introductory information from Additional Materials and/or the overview page to its own module
  • Publish the first two videos
  • Announce the first two videos in Newsletter 4

Gnome-applications-science.svgMedium term plans[edit]

Welcome templates for possible walkthroughs in video format[edit]

Contents of en:User:Hafspajen/sandbox#Panorama[edit]

These links will work locally on ENWP. From other wikis, the links will need the :en: prefix.

LetterW.svg   The basics of Wikicode
Symbol support vote.svg   How to develop an article
Cscr-featured.svg   How to create an article
Crystal khelpcenter.png   Help pages
Octagon-warning.svg   What Wikipedia is not

Some common sense Do's and Don'ts:

Face-angel.svg   Do assume good faith
Face-tongue.svg   Do be civil
Face-wink.svg   Do keep cool!
Symbol neutral vote.svg   Do maintain a neutral point of view
20px   Don't spam
NotCommons-emblem-copyrighted.svg   Don't infringe copyright
Crystal Clear app error.png   Don't edit where you have a conflict of interest
Ambox warning blue.svg   Don't vandalize
Stop hand.svg   Don't get blocked

If you need further help, you can:

Nuvola apps filetypes.svg   Ask a question

or even:

Presa de decissions.png   Ask an experienced editor to "adopt" you
Alternatively, leave me a message at my [[ |talk page]] or type {{helpme}} here on your talk page, and someone will try to help.

There are many ways you can contribute to Wikipedia. Here are a few ideas:

Edit-find-replace.svg   Fight vandalism
Vista-Login Manager.png   Be a WikiFairy or a WikiGnome
Crystal package settings.png   Help contribute to articles
Vista-advancedsettings.png   Perform maintenance tasks
Vista-messenger.png   Become a member of a project that interests you
Curly Brackets.svg   Help design new templates

Tutorials to check for ideas[edit]

Gnome-applications-science.svgLong term plans[edit]

  • Adaptations for other languages, probably starting with Spanish, making adjustments for other wikis' policies and workflows if needed.
  • More videos for ENWP and possibly other language editions of Wikipedia
  • Videos for Commons
  • Research non-WMF funding options
  • More coordination with the WMF Growth Team