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Outreach Oceania: Micronesia

We're in the early planning stages for Outreach Oceania: Micronesia. We're trying to get in touch with schools, universities, libraries, research centers, museums and national sport federations in the Marshall Islands (Majuro) and the Federated States of Micronesia (Kosrae/Chuuk). We're planning to visit the region in late 2012 to work with students, educators, researchers and administrators in learning how to use Wikipedia, wikiNews, Commons and other Wikimedia Foundation programs to reach their goals.

Schools and universities

Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikitionary and Commons are great, free web based learning tools that can be useful in several curriculum areas including English, foreign languages, marketing, journalism, art and other curriculum areas. They can be used passively as learning resources to supplement other text based reading. On Wikimedia Foundation projects, students can learn creative writing, research skills, university-level citation styles and how to evaluate the reliability of sources. Additional benefits can be found at Incentives for using Wikipedia as a teaching tool and in Outreach Oceania Integrating Wikimedia into the Curriculum.

We'll send our wiki experts to meet with your school, college or university. We'll work with you to develop materials for students to use to help meet curriculum related objectives that educators can use in the classroom, providing you with wiki and print based resources that can be used during and after our visit. We'll also be available via e-mail, IRC, skype and wiki for follow up after we leave.

Libraries, research centers, museums and sport federations

Every cultural institution has an abundance of resources to share. Working with Wikimedia Australia is a low cost, high-impact way to disseminate your resources to a global audience. [1] We'll meet with your library, research center, museum or sport federation, discuss your organisation's goals and how it might benefit from collaborating with the world on Wikimedia Foundation projects.

  1. Additional information about Wikimedia's Gallery, Library and Museum outreach can be found at GLAM.


Outreach to

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