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Outreach Oceania: Micronesia

To Do

  • Acquire Japanese language materials to supplement English language materials.
  • Create local language incubator wikis and get the Marshall language Wikipedia unlocked.
  • Find articles related to the region, gather them in a wikiBook and print copies of the book to take along.
  • As we get closer, contact James Alexander (jalexander﹫wikimedia.org) and ask for Wikipedia related swag and support print materials to be mailed to schools and universities we will be visiting.
  • After an itinerary is confirmed, contact Mary Gardiner at mary﹫puzzling.org. Gardiner is involved with Oceania Women of Open Tech (OWOOT). Includes Pacific Islands. See if she has contacts in Micronesian locations and we can do something with the group while there. http://owoot.org/ is the group's home page.

Ongoing tasks

  • An introduction to GLAM pamphlet was created on 20 October 2011. This needs to be edited and approved of by Wikimedia Australia in some way. Additional support material related to implementing GLAM projects in the Pacific Region need to be developed.
  • A lesson plan was created on 21 October 2011 that demonstrates how Wikipedia can be used to help meet instructional objectives found in a national curriculum. Additional lesson plans need to be developed. Goal is to have at least 10 total lesson plans developed in curriculum areas for grades 9 to 12, and for universities courses in the following subject areas: Language Arts, Journalism, Business, Education.

Completed tasks

  • On 9 December 2011, posted updated version of support materials.
  • On 10 December 2011, created w:Book:Federated States of Micronesia and w:Book:War in Micronesia and the Marshalls.
  • On 18 December 2011, after extensive discussion between the planners and the board of Wikimedia Australia, a decision was made to defer the Micronesia trip until later in the year because of other GLAM commitments that came up and required participant involvements with in a limited period of time that would have heavily conflicted with the outreach period.

Materials development

The following documents are drafts and ongoing efforts are being made to improve them until it is time to prepare to depart.

  • Outreach Oceania: Integrating Wikimedia into the Curriculum: This purpose of this document is to provide lesson plans designed to address National Curriculum Standards and Benchmarks for the Federated States of Micronesia and other areas in the Pacific. A copy of English Student Learning Outcomes for grades 9 to 12 is available at http://www.fsmed.fm/9-12_English__Student_Learning_Outcomes_Dec23%5B1%5D.pdf . As we find other standards, we will try to create a lesson plan for those classrooms. At the moment, there are six lesson plans: Four language arts and communications lesson plans, one business lesson plan and one art lesson plan.
  • Outreach Oceania: GLAM for the Pacific Region: The current document in the thumb. This guide is being developed as a general template at the moment for both topics. The purpose of this document is to explain why GLAMs in the Pacific Region may want to interact with WMF related projects, explain how and where Chapter support will be provided, and give instructions for GLAM related activities that an organization may want to participate in. It has had some proofing by members of Wikimedia Australia and participants at GLAM Camp in Amsterdam.

Implementation issues

  • May need to set up a computer with SQUID and a copy of Wikipedia saved on it that can be shared across multiple computers. According to peter, we may need to do this early so we can pick up more articles on Wikipedia for saving. One possible option is to acquire a couple of flash drives, and compile PDFs of various wikibooks that can be stored on the flash drives. These can then be read offline or printed.