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This page will help you create your own userbox and category to help you identify yourself to and connect with other student organizations. It's very important that you first check the Student_Organizations/List_of_Student_Organization_Userboxes to make sure you need to create a new one.

For documentation on the userbox template, please visit Template:Userbox. Intermediate and advanced users will visit this page to learn how to change their userbox and make it look a certain way.

This page will help you create a basic userbox that links your page to its category.


For example, if you use the code below:

|image= Collared.lizard.arp.jpg
|info= This example club edits articles about reptiles.
|category= Reptiles

Your template will cause the following to appear on each page on which it's used:

This example club edits articles about reptiles.

[[Category:Student Organizations/{{{category}}}]]

In addition, the page will be added to the category you name in the category field. (In this case, "Reptiles".) Please keep in mind that categories are case sensitive and you must type the exact name of your category in order for your userbox to produce the correct category.

Using your new template

After saving this page and creating your template, you can add this box to your connections page by placing the name of your template (identical to the name of this page) inside two sets of brackets, like so:

 {{Student Organization Userbox/Reptiles}}