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Marios Magioladitis wearing a "Wikipedia belongs in education" T-shirt while presenting at CIE2014 in Corfu, Greece.
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I am a phD candidate in Data Security, high school teacher in adult education and one of the developers of the open source Wikipedia-specialised browser AutoWikiBrowser.

I am also editor and administrator in both English and Greek Wikipedias.

Reach me at: en:User:Magioladitis.


Education program[edit]

  1. WM User Group Greece organises Wikipedia e-School for Educators (December 2017)
  2. Corfupedia records local history and inspires similar projects (December 2017)
  3. Greek schools collaborate to write local history about Corfu (December 2016)
  4. Online wiki training for educators in Greece (September 2016)
  5. Two Wikimedian adult educators and an adult student present paper on Wikimedia editing at CIE2015 in Greece (December 2015)
  6. Greek adult school graduates learn to edit Wikipedia and inspire their peers (June 2015)
  7. Greek Adult school completes wikiexpedition on Greek villages (April 2015)
  8. Greek adult school starts a project on writing articles in Wikipedia (February 2015) (Watch on Youtube)
  9. Wikipedia in Secondary and Adult Education: presentation at CIE2014 in Corfu, Greece (October 2014)





Papers / Conference talks[edit]