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Hi neesha, A great deal of hard work has surely gone into this article. The language used is very simple. I have studied Sanskrit only for about 3-4 years. It gives the reader a good understanding about the gurukula system of education, about how the disciples used to work for their teacher and the respect they had. I guess you should have mentioned the cause for the disappearance of gurukuls nowadays. The pictures are also very nice. Keep up the effort and the good work. Priyanka S

It was a really good article.I found it to be very informative and interesting. You used simple words and short sentences and it helped me understand the article easily. It was well written and was also gramatically correct. It gave a well rounded understanding of oldern day education and studying practices as well as social customs in the education system, the gurukula system and how life was during that time by giving us a peek into the lives of students, their relationship with teachers and what they learnt.

The pictures were also very relevant to the article. I felt that addition of more pictures like a copy of what students studied during that time would have helped by providing a visual understanding of the article. You could also have categorised your article into different sub headings as that would lead to more conceptual clarity and made for an easier read. Also, it would have been more informative and complete if you had ended with a line or two on how the educational system continued to evolve so as to provide a sense of closure.

All in all, this is a really good article and as this topic offers a lot of scope for further study and research, I hope that you will continue with it and expand it in the future. Keep up the good work.

Mridhula Ravi

It is an interesting article about the Gurukula system that we hardly see in the present society. You can add information on the subjects and syllabus taught in these schools. And also explain the advantages of studying in a Gurukul. It would be nice if you could mention details of famous people who received education from a Gurukul. You can add relevant pictures. Since there are no Gurukul's in the current world, you can elaborate on the cause and reason for its disappearance. And also how the modern system is different from the old Gurukul system. Thank you for informing us about this outdated practice of education which was one of its kind and beneficial to the society.

Minal Malli

hello neesha,you have created a very nice article.interesting article that about past days education in gurukula ,in gurukula system one thing I hated girls are not allowed to study.But education will be good.nice concept and pictures easy to understand you have simple words.thier education system is different than todays system.thank you for information about gurukul system.thank you,hoping more articles from you and add pictures and implement your article. Template:CUWEP-Sireesha25 (talk) 14:56, 15 January 2016 (UTC)Reply

Hello Neesha! As others have mentioned before, it is a really nice article that you have posted. First of all, the topic is unique and catches the viewer's attention immediately. The language is really simple and can be understood by even students, which is essential. It is important for people to be aware of the education system in early India and through your article, one can anaylse how the system has changed over time and evolved to the formal education system that is prevalent today. the links provided helps one trace the source of your information. A picture or two could have been attached to make the article more attractive but on the whole, it was a good read. Thank you!

Anisha Badri