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For the most recent developments on this subject see: Wikipedia Education Collaborative

The Wikimedia Knowledge Cooperative is an association of people from around the world whose common goal is running programs to teach Wikipedia to those currently not participating. A core issue is activating those who are currently active in educational contexts, but in general it is open to measurements to all target groups equally.

The Wikimedia Knowledge Cooperative is open for contributions by all those working on that goal across different countries and geographies. The goal is to share our best practices in learning Wikipedia and to inform each other about the status of our different programs and initiatives as peers.

Guiding principles[edit]

  1. Shared learning
    Our main goal is to establish a culture of shared learning. We strongly believe that our problem solving capacity will improve through better access to knowledge and expertise.
  2. Diversity and innovation
    We believe that diversity is a precondition making Wikipedia accessible to as many people as possible. This affords a sustainable presentation of Wikipedia as an open platform across different target groups, countries and geographies. Therefore, we encourage participants to find new and innovative ways in working in their respective areas.
  3. Transparency
    Open and transparent communication will help us to grow our shared understanding of how to effectively build, maintain and expand our initiatives.

Recommendations for local Wikimedia Knowledge initiatives[edit]

  • A clearly defined and well documented goal: The scope of the program and the roles of all stakeholders are clearly defined. This definition is being shared in a public place (e.g. on wiki) so that others can understand the model and learn from it.
  • Involvement of long-term Wikipedians: Long-term Wikipedians participate in the program. They provide all stakeholders with advice and guidance and take on leadership roles in the initiative.
  • Documentation and storytelling: Learning points get well documented and are made available for others publicly. Success stories get shared on blogs, mailinglists, etc.
  • Measurement of the outcome: The outcome of the program gets measured on an ongoing basis.

How we are working together[edit]

Our goal in working together is to meet each other as equals. We will freely share our learnings with each other. We welcome and support new approaches and love to see individual initiatives and programs from different angles.

How to become a member[edit]

Membership is given by participating. Affiliation with a chapter or Wikimedia Foundation is not required to join. Chapter or Wikimedia Foundation representatives may choose to join as a volunteer or join as a representative affiliated with that organization. New members will have to agree to the guiding principles as stated above and will have to have a proven interest in advancing Wikipedia.