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Coordination and documentation of the Best practices documentation team's activities.

Best practice in public outreach is a collection of articles describing experiences in winning new volunteers, partners, content and audiences. Given that several chapters already developed successful projects to engage new target groups or deepen relationships to new Wikimedians, the Best practices documentation page is a forum for those who want to share their knowledge and for those who want to spread the word.

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May 2009
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July 2009
  • July 13: Kathrin Jansen meets Lennart Guldbrandsson (President of Wikimedia Sverige) and Mathias Schindler (Project Manager Wikimedia Deutschland) at the Wikimedia headquarters in San Francisco. The group agrees on making a) best practices in assigning Wikipedia articles as coursework to students and b) best practices in establishing partnerships with cultural institutions priorities of the best practices documentation project
  • July 24: Kathrin Jansen and Jan Eissfeldt develop an introduction for the best practices series: Best practices documentation
  • July 30: Kathrin Jansen organizes the first best practice documentation team meeting: Best practices documentation team/Meetings/2009-07-30 (Skype conference call with volunteers in Germany, Austria and the United States)
  • July 30: Volunteers establish a "contactgroup for Wikipedia school and university projects": Template:Classroom coordination on the English Wikipedia
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