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Meet Educators and Wikipedia education leaders from around the world who share why they use Wikipedia in classrooms.

Üdvözlünk az EduWiki-kampányban!  Örülünk, hogy itt vagy.

We want to challenge the traditional definition of education. In the EduWiki community, we believe that learning is editing. If you believe in changing by doing, you have come to the right place!

The goal of this global campaign is to engage educators in using Wikimedia Projects in their lessons, namely Wikipedia. To this end, we have created four different lesson plans, for you to pick what works best for your classroom and test with your students.

This is a chance for you to get to know more about the Wikimedia Education Program, the Education Collaborative, and get some hands-on practice with tested activities. Your work can advance digital literacy in education and strengthen the connections of our international community.

Csatlakozz a szeptember 4. és október 31. közötti kampányhoz.

Csatlakozz a kampányhoz!

Follow these steps:
1. If you don't have one already, create a Wiki account.
2. Register by filling out this form. You can also sign with your user name on this page.
3. Choose a lesson plan to use in your classroom.
4. Report back using this form!

Don't forget to spread the word about the campaign on social media! Use the hashtag #EduWiki.

Lesson Plans

→ Resources for all lesson plans

Why join the campaign?


Q: What skills will my students gain through these lesson plans?

A: Through these lessons, the skills that students will learn are lasting: not only will they gain the technical knowledge of learning how to edit a page, they will also learn the values of collaborating with others, using free licenses, and practicing the values of the Wikimedia movement’s culture.

Q: What does edit mean on Wikimedia projects?

A: The definition of an “edit” on Wikipedia is not limited to editing text on a page—it can also mean adding images and references, translating, or creating content.

Q: What materials will I need to support this campaign in my classroom?

A: Educators will need a computer with Internet connection, a Wiki account, and one or more lesson plans. Students will each need a computer with Internet connection and a Wiki account.

Q: I’m unconvinced that Wikipedia assignments would be better for my students than traditional assignments.

A: Students polled preferred a Wikipedia assignment to a traditional assignment.

Q: There are a lot of vandals on Wikipedia. My students might encounter incorrect information on an article.

A: Wikipedia has an elaborate system for detecting and discouraging vandals and vandalism.

For the full FAQ, click here.

Who's behind the campaign

See the full community of Collab leaders here.

Examples of past & current education programs