Education/Newsletter/June 2015/New recognition certificates for program students, teachers and leaders

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By Samir Elsharbaty (WMF)

Example of a template certificate

Snippet: Education Collaborative members develop easy-to-use templates for recognition certificates.

Wikipedia Education Collaborative member Vojtech Dostal from the Czech Republic thought of the importance of having unified templates of the recognition certificates issued to the students and educators of the program around the world as part of a proposed recognition system several program leaders are now trying to build. After several weeks of collaborative work, the certificates were ready and several programs started to use them as they are or after localization.

The unified certificates are not the first product in the recognition system. Programs around the world have already issued different styles of certificates. Besides, Wikipedia Education Program leaders in Sweden have created open badges to recognize volunteer efforts in their program. In Nepal, Wikipedia Driving License was a different example of recognition for those who have completed a twelve-week course on Wikipedia and mastered the essential editing skills.

The certificates are very easy to download, fill out and print. These template certificates are meant to make it easier for you to issue certificates for your program participants as well as being part of the program's visual identity, i.e. having similar certificates in different programs around the world. However, you still can use/create other designs if you want. This is just a simple example of a template. Program leaders are also invited to modify, localize and develop the certificates according to every program's own needs and preferences. If you have any thoughts about this project, please add them to the talk page.

See, download and use the new certificates on Wikimedia Commons here.

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