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GLAM Ambassador Steering Committee
Members list

This is the working space of the Wikimedia GLAM International Support Team (AKA GLAMIST).

Pharos (talk) (talk) Leutha (talk) Aude (talk)
Smallbones (talk) Sage Ross Husky (talk) The Land (talk)


Initial tasks...[edit]

  • Define a "Job Description" of a GLAM ambassador
  • Define the required skills of an ambassador
  • Propose criteria for approving new ambassadors
  • Develop training and standards
  • Propose a model to relate GLAM ambassadors to "Wikipedians in residence", "Campus Ambassadors" and Chapters.

Ongoing tasks[edit]

  • Approve new Ambassadors
  • Organise events (e.g. training)

Relevant discussions[edit]

Past discussion[edit]

Criteria for how do become an ambassador (especially any requirement to share their real name)
Setting up a register of applicants.
The relationship of the idea of 'ambassador' and 'resident'.
The formality of the ambassador system.

Current discussions[edit]

The hierarchy of GLAM Ambassadors with Wikipedia Ambassadors.
The training required for GLAM ambassadors.
The qualities needed for GLAM ambassadors.