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GLAM Ambassador Steering Committee
Members list

This is the working space of the Wikimedia GLAM International Support Team (AKA GLAMIST).

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Initial tasks...[edit]

  • Define a "Job Description" of a GLAM ambassador
  • Define the required skills of an ambassador
  • Propose criteria for approving new ambassadors
  • Develop training and standards
  • Propose a model to relate GLAM ambassadors to "Wikipedians in residence", "Campus Ambassadors" and Chapters.

Ongoing tasks[edit]

  • Approve new Ambassadors
  • Organise events (e.g. training)

Relevant discussions[edit]

Past discussion[edit]

Criteria for how do become an ambassador (especially any requirement to share their real name)
Setting up a register of applicants.
The relationship of the idea of 'ambassador' and 'resident'.
The formality of the ambassador system.

Current discussions[edit]

The hierarchy of GLAM Ambassadors with Wikipedia Ambassadors.
The training required for GLAM ambassadors.
The qualities needed for GLAM ambassadors.