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Open Wiki GLAM of Serbia


Hi, folks. I'm not so sure is this the right page for this information. Sorry if I did mistake. As you know, WMRS will organize Open Wiki GLAM of Serbia conference, for Serbian GLAM institution, which will take place on February 24, 2012 in Youth Center of Belgrade. Call for participation is still open and you can participate as a speaker and present your work. Or you can simple be in the audience :)) The next information that I want to share with you is that we have our website (in EN) and and we translated ~30 articles from We are very new in this GLAM things, and I hope that you will help me in my future GLAM work. Thanks!--MikyM (talk) 01:44, 11 January 2012 (UTC)[reply]

WikiWomen's History Month


Hi everyone. March is Women's History Month and I'm hoping a few GLAM WIKI folks will have interest in putting on events related to women's history. We've created an event page on English Wikipedia (please translate!) and I hope you'll find the inspiration to participate. Please visit the page here: WikiWomen's History Month. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to seeing events take place! Missvain (talk) 18:04, 1 February 2012 (UTC)[reply]


Hi. Every link on the GLAM newsletter that was delivered to my EN talk page is a redlink. I thought that someone should be aware that the bot is delivering newsletters this way. It looks like the links are to EN when they should go to Outreach. Pine(talk) 23:33, 4 March 2012 (UTC)[reply]

How can i send letter?? Sartaj Balouch Rakhshani (talk) 18:59, 5 February 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Whitelisting IP addresses


Hi. In response to a request from a GLAM organizer, I've gathered information on how to request an IP whitelisting for outreach events to override the IP cap. The page is meta:How to request lift of an IP cap. I wanted to let you guys know about it and ask that, if you think it appropriate, you add it to any relevant organizational pages here so that people who need this done know how to do it. :) --Mdennis (WMF) (talk) 15:30, 16 May 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Maggi thanks, but so far in my (very short) experience of GLAM events I have yet to meet someone *without* a Wikipedia username. This lift of the IP cap would only be necessary for an edit-a-thon with a group of people with no prior editting experience, but this is not the same thing in my opinion as a "GLAM event". However, who knows what the future will bring and it may come in handy! Jane023 (talk) 20:59, 16 May 2012 (UTC)[reply]
I used to hit this problem regularly at training events, but now have the "account creator" flag on my account (an admin can do this for you), which means that, though I have to do the account creation, I can do as many as I need to. However, another trick is to ask attendees to create acounts before the session, from home. That also saves valuable training time. Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing); Talk to Andy 14:50, 2 August 2012 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for the tip Andy! As you can see I rarely read these pages. Jane023 (talk) 09:47, 8 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Journal collaboration


I'm in the final stage of negotiating a collaboration with a peer-reviewed zoology journal with Wikispecies. The deal involves uploading images of newly-described species published in the journal's articles. Currently, the entire journal is 100% copyrighted but they are willing to "open up" to less restrictive license on the images. However, they insisted that they want to retain the license for commercial usage of those images. I understand that the Commons does not allow CC-BY-NC licenses. What can I do? OhanaUnitedTalk page 03:05, 19 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Hi OhanaUnited. Exciting project you are working on. If the organization is not willing to budge copyright wise it looks like we're unable to utilize their images on Wikimedia projects. What are their concerns? Why aren't they willing to release the images at least CC BY SA? If you can argue to the importance of releasing images - even low resolution images - then perhaps you can succeed at changing their minds. Missvain (talk) 16:59, 30 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Folger Shakespeare Library needs help help uploading their collection images


Hi everyone. The Folger Shakespeare Library wants to upload their collection of images, many (or most) which are documents. See the images here. If you are able to do so, please get in touch with User:Kaldari. Thanks! Missvain (talk) 16:59, 30 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Nobody seems to be replying at talk there. I've left some comments there over the past few months, it would be nice to hear back from someone... --Piotrus (talk) 20:06, 12 August 2012 (UTC)[reply]

You may be interested in this Meta conversation. Apparently no one is in charge of the WIR program. Pine 21:50, 16 August 2012 (UTC)[reply]



In Summer I saw QR-Codes to Wikipedia articles also at the Brooklyn Museum. Was this a project by the museum? Marcus Cyron (talk) 07:55, 4 December 2012 (UTC)[reply]