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Videos from Nobel laureates; Open Access Week; Open Access Wikipedia Challenge; Open Access Media Importer approved

Membrane proteins are notoriously difficult to crystallize, so Kobilka and colleagues fused an easily crystallizable protein (orange) to a membrane protein (cyan) in order to facilitate the crystallization of the latter.

Videos from Nobel laureates

The Nobel Prize winners were announced this month, and at least three of them have published in journals whose Creative Commons Attribution License allows for import into Wikimedia Commons: Brian Kobilka (Chemistry) as well as John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka (who shared the prize for Physiology or Medicine this year).

Running the Open Access Media Importer over these articles brought the following videos onto Wikimedia Commons:

  • Co-authored by Gurdon:
  • Co-authored by Yamanaka:

Physics laureate Serge Haroche has 21 papers listed on arXiv, but none of them is under a Wikimedia-compatible license.

Open Access Week

A video by Jorge Cham (of PhD Comics) on the occasion of Open Access Week 2012

The last full week in October each year is Open Access Week - an occasion for librarians, researchers, publishers, journal editors, students and others to engage in discussions around the past, present and future of Open Access and to showcase their related activities.

Some of the highlights from this year include

  • a guideline "How Open Is It?" has been released by SPARC, PLOS and OASPA that differentiates between different levels of access to scholarly articles, with reusability being an important aspect. Such information could be used to indicate systematically the openness of references cited on Wikimedia pages, as per Template:Open Access.
  • an announcement by the publisher Institute of Physics to license its freely available journal articles under a Creative Commons Attribution License from next year on, which would make these materials reusable at Wikimedia projects.
  • Wikipedia entries on Open Access Week have been started in French and Japanese

Open Access Wikipedia Challenge

The Open Access Wikipedia Challenge is an online challenge in the MOOC realm, where accepting users are asked to place Open Access content from Wikimedia Commons into Wikipedia. It’s built as a social lesson in Wikipedia editing requiring no previous experience. The challenge is filleted into 6 phases each with an accompanying YouTube screencast tutorial and mini-challenge totaling 2 hours of instruction. The challenge, hosted on Peer to Peer University, gave users the guided tasks of rating journals for openness, calculating how quickly it took Gangnam Style to get onto Wikipedia, writing Wikitext, categorizing on Commons with Hot Cat, and embedding media into Wikipedia.

P2PU’s online platform allows users to track progress, to discuss the challenges, and to offer peer support, which probably makes the OAWC the first MOOC-ified Wikipedia tutorial. A special edition barnstar has been created for those who complete the challenge. Originally, the course was a celebratory measure, part of Wikipedia Loves Libraries and Open Access Week. After 21 netizens joined the course, it was decided to extend the challenge indefinitely. New and expert users are invited to sign up.

The first video associated with a PLOS article, from December 2003.

Open Access Media Importer approved

The Open Access Media Importer continued to be tested and refined throughout the month, leading to its approval on October 29.


The following files represent a selection of what has been uploaded by the Open Access Media Importer this month. If you can think of wiki pages where these files could be useful, please put them in there or let us know.


Before you watch a video, consider guessing at the research question addressed in the corresponding scholarly article.

Sound files

Can you guess what these sounds represent?

WikiProject Open Access

The following news from WikiProject Open Access have been posted this month:

Reconstruction of the heterodontosaur Pegomastax africana.

Open Access File of the Day

The following files have been featured as Open Access File of the Day this month:

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