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Translation Quality Check (Checklist for Translation Coordinators)[edit]

Below is the checklist for the final quality check of translations. Ensuring a high quality standard at this point will save us extra efforts related to the tracking down and coping with quality problems later on. Please mind that poor translation quality in surveys may result in the data becoming largely unusable.

  • Texts that need translation have been translated and properly reviewed (the questionnaire, three e-mail messages, and three text strings used in the survey tool). At least two qualified translators have gone through all the texts in full in order to ensure the coherence of the translations and their fit with the original version. The translation has also been reviewed by 2-3 people with varying backgrounds within the GLAM sector in order to ensure that the terminology used is generally understood within the sector. Please list the translators on the Country overview page (in the “Translations” section).
  • In the questionnaire all relevant country versions of the section “PDF” and all relevant currency versions of question A8 have been translated into your target language. The (Country overview page contains information about the languages required for each country and the currencies used. If you suspect that people in some of the other countries listed on the Country overview page would like to fill in the questionnaire in your language (maybe because there is a large linguistic minority in the given country), please make sure that the section “PDF” and question A8 get translated into your language accordingly.
  • If your target language is used across a variety of countries: It has been ensured that terminology and grammar used in the translated version are appropriate for respondents in all the countries concerned. Regional specificities that are not readily understood and/or well received in other countries should be avoided.
  • In the translated version of the questionnaire the texts referring to the “Back”, “Terminate the Survey”, and “Finish” buttons use the same terms as shown on the buttons themselves. This concerns the “Early Exit” section as well as the end of the survey. You need to compare the text in the survey tool with the text string translations you provided.
  • In the translated version of the questionnaire the layout of the questions corresponds to the layout in the English version. Make sure that bold text and italics are used consistently with the original version. Adjust manual line breaks (<br />) to allow for an appealing layout. Use the preview fuction of the survey tool to inspect the layout (it allows you to easily switch between language versions).
  • In questions C1, C2, D1, and D4, the translation corresponds to the new wording. (As communicated by e-mail on 12 March 2015 and implemented in the English version on the same date).

When you have verified that all six points are fulfilled, please report that the quality check has been successfully completed. You can do so on the Country overview page. If you don’t feel comfortable editing tables on a wiki, you may also just send a message to: beat.estermann﹫