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Note that the webpages related to the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey are no longer maintained; an archived version is available at Zenodo.

OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey

Welcome to the coordination portal for the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey!

The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey is an online survey that has been conducted among heritage institutions throughout the world during 2014-2016.

The main purposes of the survey are to:

  • Measure the state of advancement of OpenGLAM (digitization, inter-organisational cooperation involving the exchange of metadata, open data, crowdsourcing, linked data) in the participating countries and to identify the main challenges and obstacles with regard to the promotion of OpenGLAM and free access to knowledge.
  • Inform the GLAM community about the latest developments in the area of OpenGLAM and relate them to the state of advancement of OpenGLAM in their country.
  • Identify potential partners for open data and/or crowdsourcing projects (R&D projects, GLAM-Wiki cooperations, open cultural data hackathons, consulting mandates, etc.)
  • Use the study report as a communication instrument to promote OpenGLAM within the local GLAM community and related sectors.
  • Use the study report as an instrument for lobbying activities in favour of OpenGLAM and the advancement of free knowledge.

In addition, the international benchmark study provides international comparisons, which:

  • Allow each country to see where it stands compared to other countries.
  • Provide the international OpenGLAM community with a tool that helps it to better understand the particularities of each country, to put insights gained in a country into a broader perspective, and to better adapt strategies and best practices to the specific situation of each country.

Presentations / Publication of Results

Innovation Diffusion Model regarding various Internet-related practices

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People / Organizations Involved in the Implementation of the Survey

"OpenGLAM" is an initiative run by the Open Knowledge Foundation that promotes free and open access to digital cultural heritage held by Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey is carried out in a collaborative effort of national chapters of the Open Knowledge Foundation, by Wikimedia chapters, NGOs, heritage institutions, and research institutions, under the lead of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (an overview of people involved can be found here). It has been inspired by an earlier pilot survey carried out among Swiss heritage institutions by the Bern University of Applied Sciences in fall 2012.

Why is my country not participating in the survey?

The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey is organized in a federative manner, which means that the organization depends on volunteers and partners in each country. Enthusiastic local teams get in touch with local partners and sponsors, compile lists of e-mail addresses of GLAMs in their country, help develop, translate and administer the questionnaire, and write country reports. If your country is not listed yet among the participating countries, maybe you are interested in coordinating the effort in your country. Just send a message to beat.estermann﹫ ! If you would like to join one of the existing teams, please contact the local coordinator.

Implementation Plan
Participating countries
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