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Note that the webpages related to the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey are no longer maintained; an archived version is available at Zenodo.

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Communication Infrastructure[edit]

Mailing list[edit]

For the coordination within the international team, a mailing list is being used. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with beat.estermann﹫ Alternatively, you can also sign up yourself and shortly introduce yourself to the other list members.

Collaboration Platform[edit]

The coordination portal at the Wikimedia Outreach Wiki serves as a collaboration platform; Google Docs are used on a complementary basis (synchronous collaborative editing; easier editing, especially for tables).

Project Workflow[edit]

OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey - Project Workflow diagram with links to guidelines and instructions (as of 7 October 2014)

Guidelines and Instructions[edit]

International Coordination Meetings[edit]

The international coordination team holds a monthly online meeting. Additional meetings may be held to coordinate particular issues.

The meetings are coordinated via the mailing list. If you are intending to participate, please also ask to be signed up to the mailing list in order not to miss any last minute information.

Upcoming Meetings[edit]

December 2014: International Coordination Meeting[edit]

  • date and agenda to be defined

Past Meetings[edit]

22 October 2014: International Coordination Meeting[edit]

17 July 2014: OKFest Session: "Getting ready for the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey[edit]

17 June 2014: International Coordination Meeting[edit]

14 May 2014: International Coordination Meeting[edit]

  • Partnership concept approved: next step is inventory of current status of partnerships
  • Decided that email confirmation on partnership agreement is OK (for team members & organizations with CC to the direct superior)
  • OKFest session proposal was successful: the Dutch and Polish national teams will present an update
  • The Risk Management table was accepted: one additional risk on expectations will be added
  • The draft questionnaire will be ready by 15 May: all questions on data collection and contact details should be sent to the list
  • The SurveyMonkey tool is not applicable for our survey because it lacks multilingual support
  • Decided to investigate Qualtrics as an alternative tool for the survey

See Minutes

21 March 2014: International Coordination Meeting[edit]

  • Introduced FAQ, SWOT analysis and Risk Management plan: comments welcome
  • Proposal drafted for the Advisory Board
  • Report on the advancement of the questionnaire development
  • Decided that there should be an option for anonymous responses
  • Decided to use a random sampling approach for the pretest
  • Funding update: the Polish team was granted funding, NORDPlus Horizon funding was not applicable, the Finnish team will apply for funding from their ministry of culture and education
  • Decided to submit a COST action proposal by 28 March
  • Decided to formalise partnerships: a partnership concept will be drafted and everyone will clarify their position
  • Discussed the work plan for the next quarter (April-June 2014)
  • Session proposals on the survey being prepared for OKfest and Wikimania 2014

See: Minutes

11 February 2014: International Coordination Meeting[edit]

  • Introduction of new members
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities in work packages
  • Decided to focus on consolidating the English version, local translation starts when this is available
  • Decided that SurveyMonkey is the preferred tool for the questionnaire
  • Multilingual support in SurveyMonkey will be investigated
  • There are some funding options: we need to find a lead person for this
  • Decided that it is up to the local teams to decide project management structure
  • Main focus for overall coordination will be on developing the FAQ section to serve as a project manual
  • Updates from local teams

See: Minutes

9 January 2014: Kick-off Meeting[edit]

  • Round of introductions: personal background of participants, motivation, expectations
  • Discussion of the Concept and Timeplan, clarification of various issues, identificatioin of next steps
  • Initial discussion concerning the selection of the survey tool
  • Decided that the questionnaire will be developed on the basis of the questionnaire of the Swiss pilot survey
  • Decided that the pretest will be run in the Netherlands
  • Decided to use the outreach wiki as a coordination platform, supplemented by Google Docs
  • Decided to use one of the existing mailing lists for the exchange among the working group members
  • Initial discussion concerning potential international partners

See: Minutes

Risk Management[edit]