Student Organizations/5 Steps for New Wikipedian Student Organizations

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Are you ready to start a Wikipedian student organization on your campus? Use the following steps as a general guide to getting started!

Step How to Start a Wikipedian Student Organization

Research your school's procedures for starting student organizations, and contact your student activities office to find out how to register your organization with your school and if your school offers registered student organizations any benefits. Talk to other students who have started organizations in the past.

Create a name for your organization and recruit a group of other interested students. Search for and connect with other local organizations, including local Wikimedia chapters, Campus Ambassador programs, and other student organizations on campus to get advice and to establish partnerships.

Draft a constitution for your organization and have your founding members approve this constitution. Make sure your organization and its constitution meet any requirements your school may have for student organizations. See Wikipedians of the University of Michigan's Constitution, for an example.

Register your organization with your University if you need to, add it to our list of Wikipedian Student Organizations, and create a space for your student organization here on Outreach. Please add your marker to the Wikipedia Universities Map.

Organize an official meeting on campus to recruit new members and discuss your organization's schedule and activities. At this meeting you may want to elect officers and discuss important issues like fundraising and dues, if applicable, as well as what activities you may want to engage in throughout the year. Be sure to conduct outreach on campus to ensure that your first meeting is well attended.