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TED speakers challenge
6 June - 13 July, 2016
#TEDwiki / TED speakers

Breaking news! Last week TED decided to offer double points for Wikipedia articles about speakers in the prize package. Now, to give people more time to work on these and other speaker articles, an extension has been granted of one week, to conclude on 13 July 2016.

The TED Wikimedia Collaboration is a data donation of metadata for over 2,000 TED talks with titles in 15 languages. Besides these 15, all other Wikipedia languages are invited to participate in the TED speakers challenge to write or improve articles about the 1,800+ speakers in this dataset!

People: 1,800+ items.
Languages: 15 Wikipedias are being tracked. Other Wikipedia communities are also welcome to join!
  • When: From 6 June until 13 July 2016
  • How:
  1. Sign up! - list your language(s), and register your points. Note double points are awarded for speakers who wrote the books in the prize package.
  2. Create or improve articles on Wikipedia about your language's TED speakers.
  3. Translate articles from other languages' TED speaker articles into your language(s).
  4. Improve the Wikidata items about the TED speakers or their TED talks and any Wikidata item linked from a TED talk item.
  5. Prizes for the winners!
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TED conferences/TED speakers challenge
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Data / Reporting
See the stats of the participating items.