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TED speakers challenge
6 June - 13 July, 2016
#TEDwiki / TED speakers

All Wikipedias have their own rules and policies about biographical articles, but we believe most if not all TED speakers will pass notability guidelines on most Wikipedia language projects. Some people may be locally more notable in one project than in another. It would be impossible to give exhaustive instructions here for all Wikipedia languages, but here are some basic steps to use on English Wikipedia.

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TED conferences/TED speakers challenge
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Create TED speaker Wikipedia articles from TED descriptions and other sources

TED three letter logo.svg TED has made the official descriptions of all TED speakers available on their website. TED's metadata about these people has been added to Wikidata. This guide will help you create missing Wikipedia articles for the TED speakers using the official TED speaker names and other sources. It is written to make the process as simple as possible. For inspiration, a list showing local sortable Wikipedia lists of TED speakers per language based on the current state of the TED speakers' Wikidata items can be found on the page called Languages.

Step 1: Choose an article to create

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  1. Click on the local language link for TED speakers and choose a speaker whose name appears in italics, as all names in italics don't have Wikipedia articles in that language.
  2. Copy the TED speaker id (e.g. jimmy_wales or 37 for Jimmy Wales) and paste it on the end of the https://TED.com/speakers/ url to read the TED bio (e.g. https://TED.com/speakers/jimmy_wales or https://TED.com/speakers/37).
  3. Search for other reliable sources (or consider using the CX (Content Translation) tool if an article exists in another language you can read)
  4. When you select your article, make a note of the Wikidata ID (e.g. Q181) for the TED speaker.

Step 2: Create the Wikipedia article

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  1. Go to Wikipedia and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Type the TED speaker name you would like to create into the search bar.
  3. Click the link at the bottom: containing...
  4. If the article already exists skip to Step 5: Adding the article to Wikidata.
  5. If the article does not exist click the red link, to switch to Visual Editor click Create at the top of the editing window.
  6. Type or paste your text into the blank article. Do not copy text from the TED website, nor any other source. Copyright of other sources must be respected!
  7. Add links to other articles and alter the text to fit with the style of Wikipedia (the TED description pages do not fit the style of Wikipedia, so you will need additional citations)
  8. Add the category People from NAMEOFCOUNTRY (replace NAMEOFCOUNTRY with the country where the person lives or is from)

Step 3: Quoting a TED talk

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  1. Note: TED talks are generally not notable enough for Wikipedia, but it may be useful when writing about a person, to include brief quotes from their TED talk.
  2. Go to the TED speaker page on TED.com and scroll to the bottom and click on the link for the TED talk, e.g. https://www.ted.com/talks/jimmy_wales_on_the_birth_of_wikipedia
  3. On this page, click View interactive transcript, or just add the suffix ?language=en to the url, eg: https://www.ted.com/talks/jimmy_wales_on_the_birth_of_wikipedia?language=en (for German, use "de" instead of "en")
  4. Include the quote using the TED talk date and today's date like this: {{Cite web|url=https://www.ted.com/talks/jimmy_wales_on_the_birth_of_wikipedia/transcript/?language=en|title=The birth of Wikipedia|author=Jimmy Wales|date=August 2006|access-date=15 May 2016}}
  5. You must give multiple citations (in other words, say where you got your information from) to establish notability of your article, and the TED talk quote is not enough. For more information, see This English-Wikipedia guide.
  6. At the bottom of the page, you may add the template {{TED speaker}} to include a link out to the TED bio page.
  7. When you are done adding a TED talk quote, save the page including the #TEDwiki hashtag in the edit summary.

Step 4: Link from other Wikipedia articles

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  1. For incoming links, go first to the Talk Page for the article and click edit and paste {{WikiProject Biography|class=|importance=}} into the edit window and save the page.
  2. In the Wikipedia search bar paste the name of the new article
  3. Click the link at the bottom that says containing...
  4. Add links from any articles that mention the new article you have created
  5. Check the appropriate TED speakers list and add or update the link to the article as needed

Step 5: Add the article to Wikidata

  1. Click on the Wikidata item for the article you just created.
  2. Find the box that says Wikipedia.
  3. At the bottom of the list add the language code (en) and the name of the article.
  4. Click Save
  5. Add your points to the participant sign up page and you're done.