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TED speakers challenge
6 June - 13 July, 2016
#TEDwiki / TED speakers

The 15 languages tracked are marked with a "Y". These languages were included in the TED metadata donation and have translated labels for Wikidata TED talk items. All other languages in this list are based on those language Wikipedias that have enabled userspace lists to be auto-updated -- for no other reason than ease of reporting. If you would like to see your language listed, let us know!

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Data / Reporting
See the stats of the participating items.
Language Tracked? list of speakers per language list of talks per language
Wikidata d:Wikidata:TED/TED speakers d:Wikidata:TED/Ted Talks
English Y en:User:Jane023/TED speakers en:User:Jane023/TED talks
French Y fr:Utilisateur:Jane023/TED orateurs fr:Utilisateur:Jane023/TED Talks
German Y de:Benutzerin:Jane023/TED Redner de:Benutzerin:Jane023/TED talks
Japanese Y ja:利用者:Jane023/TED speakers list in Japanese
Korean Y ko:사용자:Jane023/TED speakers list in Korean
Farsi Y fa:کاربر:Jane023/TED speakers list in Farsi
Portuguese Y pt:Usuária:Jane023/TED speakers list in Portuguese
Russian Y ru:Участник:Jane023/TED ораторы ru:Участник:Jane023/TED речи
Turkish Y tr:Kullanıcı:Jane023/TED speakers list in Turkish
Vietnamese Y vi:Thành viên:Jane023/TED speakers list in Vietnamese
Chinese Y zh:User:Jane023/TED speakers list in Chinese
Spanish Y es:Usuario:Jane023/TED speakers es:Usuario:Jane023/TED talks
Dutch Y nl:Gebruiker:Jane023/TED sprekers nl:Gebruiker:Jane023/TED talks
Polish Y pl:Wikipedysta:Jane023/TED speakers pl:Wikipedysta:Jane023/TED talks
Italian Y it:Utente:Jane023/TED speakers it:Utente:Jane023/TED talks
Swedish sv:Användare:Jane023/TED föreläser sv:Användare:Jane023/TED talks
Catalan ca:Usuària:Jane023/TED speakers ca:Usuària:Jane023/TED talks
Welsh cy:Defnyddiwr:Jane023/TED speakers cy:Defnyddiwr:Jane023/TED talks
Hungarian hu:Szerkesztő:Jane023/TED speakers
Danish da:Bruger:Jane023/TED speakers
Commons commons:List of TED Speakers
Asturian ast:Usuariu:Jane023/TED speakers
Euskara eu:Lankide:Jane023/TED speakers
Irish ga:Úsáideoir:Jane023/TED speakers
Scottish Gaelic gd:Cleachdaiche:Jane023/TED speakers
Galician gl:Usuario:Jane023/TED speakers
Lithuanian lt:Naudotojas:Jane023/TED speakers
Latvian lv:Dalībnieks:Jane023/TED speakers
Low German nds:Bruker:Jane023/TED speakers
Norwegian no:Bruker:Jane023/TED speakers
Serbian sr:Корисник:Jane023/TED speakers
Punjabi pa:ਵਰਤੋਂਕਾਰ:Jane023/TED speakers
Western Punjabi pnb:ورتنوالا:Jane023/TED speakers
Hindi hi:सदस्य:Jane023/TED speakers
Ukrainian uk:Користувач:Jane023/TED speakers
Estonian et:Kasutaja:Jane023/TED speakers
Bengali bn:ব্যবহারকারী:Jane023/TED speakers
Hebrew he:משתמש:Jane023/List of TED speakers