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Wikipedia workshop; Editathon on women's biographies

By Atropine & Virginia Gentilini

Wikipedia workshop

On April 20th, we held an introductory workshop for library patrons at Biblioteca Salaborsa, one of the first examples in Italy of this kind of collaboration between wiki projects and the libraries. Fourteen people attended the workshop, ranging from young to quite old people, most female. The workshop covered basic issues, personal account creation and the first steps in reading and editing entries.

Editathon on women's biographies

On May 4th, we ran an editathon focused on women's biographies at Biblioteca Salaborsa. The event was the perfect occasion to work on two important themes Wikimedia Italia has been addressing this year: promoting collaboration with libraries and bridging Wikipedia's gender gap.

We had thirteen participants, some of whom already attended the workshop of April 20th. We created five new articles and improved three existing pages, working mainly with resources provided by Biblioteca Salaborsa but also from a couple of other libraries and the web.

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