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"Shaping access!"

By Lilli Iliev

Upcoming conference "Shaping access! - More responsibility for cultural heritage"

On November 28th/29th, the international conference "Shaping Access! – More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage" will take place at the Jewish Museum, Berlin. For the 3rd time the conference is supported conceptionally and organisationally by WMDE. Super interesting representatives of cultural institutions like Lizzy Jongma, data manager in the collections information department of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, will give insights about their approach on shaping the digital access of GLAM institutions. Lizzy will speak about why and how the Rijksmuseum shaped its access under a free license. The focus of this year's conference will be a contemplation of the self-image of cultural institutions and the relationship of cultural institutions with private initiatives and commercial activities. Part of the discussion will be whether and to what extent legal regulations are sufficient for enabling “memory institutions” to fulfill their duties in the digital world. Registration is open now!

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