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This page is outdated. If it cannot be updated it may be best to delete it. Date: January 2011

Other ways you can help us

Check out the Planning and Design section on the Bookshelf Project page and provide feedback on the drafts.

Welcome! Thank you for checking out this page. Let us explain more about the following roles and how you might help us by participating in one or more of them.

The following titles describe different functions and responsibilities available to interested volunteers. If any of them pique your interest, please jump in and send us an email to frank﹫wikimedia.org. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • Hours per week you would like to volunteer
  • A short description about why you are the right person for the position

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Bookshelf Project[edit]

Wikipedia Wizard[edit]

Join our small group of Wikipedia Wizards that help our writer (contractor) understand the general culture of Wikipedia. (Read more…)

Local Wikipedia Expert[edit]

Review the drafts and give us feedback on how different the culture of your Wikipedia language version is from the one described in our documents. (Read more…)

Scribus Desktop Publishing Operator[edit]

You will be responsible for translating a given layout for the bookshelf's print publications into Scribus documents. (Read more…)


Help us to translate the finalized bookshelf materials from English into your native language. (Read more…)

Translations Quality Advisor[edit]

Review the finalized translation for stylistic integrity and appropriate aesthetic; make sure that all written components are in line with our editorial guidelines. (Read more…)

Best practices documentation team[edit]

Best practices expert[edit]

Join the best practices documentation team and help us to prevent others from reinventing the wheel. (Read more…)