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This is a list of resources related to GLAM-Wiki US programs.
The purpose of this list is to review the resources in order to update and improve them.

Wiki Pages[edit]


  • The GLAM-Wiki US Portal links to a Connect page, a Contribute page, the Consortium page, and the GLAM Bookshelf. The main page also includes links to the social channels, This Month in GLAM, the blog, the contact email, the mailing list, and a direct link to information by state (nested under Connect.)
- Audience: GLAM Professionals and Wikimedians seeking to get involved.
- WP:CONSORTIUM: The Consortium's main page lists the Vision, Mission, and Goals for the organization, as well as current members, affiliate organizations, and those who have signed up who are interested.
- GLAM Bookshelf: A general GLAM resource on the English Wikipedia modeled after the general Bookshelf template. (This is not U.S.-specific.)
- GLAM Contribute: This is a "choose your own adventure" model for a GLAM professionals or Wikimedians working their way through how to contribute to a project. It's a general page and not U.S.-specific. It also includes a list of requests from organizations needing volunteers. (Outdated.)
- GLAM/US Connect: The U.S.-specific GLAM Connect page lists individual Wikimedians as well as Information by State and a list of Institutional Contacts.


  • w:WP:GLAM: This is the general (non-U.S.) GLAM-Wiki portal on the English Wikipedia. It links to all of the main GLAM programs on various Wikipedia projects. It also links to GLAM:Contribute & GLAM Bookshelf (above), as well as an About page, a global Connect page, a List of GLAM projects, the Newsletter, and a Beginner's Guide.
- Audience: English-speaking GLAM professionals and Wikimedians (not U.S.-specific.)
- GLAM/About: This is a digital version of the GLAM One-Pager (outdated.)
- GLAM/Connect: This is an English-speaking, global Connect page. It includes links to the GLAM-Out, project pages for other countries, and individual and institutional contacts (outdated.)
- GLAM/Projects: A listing of GLAM project pages around the world, divided by continent.
- Beginner's Guide: This is a step-by-step guide to getting started editing Wikipedia. It's likely very outdated, due to improvements in visual editor, etc.
- GLAM/Newsletter: This is the main hub for This Month in GLAM, which is English-focused by global in nature. (Active.)


  • This is the Outreach page for global GLAM-Wiki coordination. It's seen as more accessible because it's not English Wikipedia-specific. It includes links to a Get Started page, Model Projects, Case Studies, and more.
- Get Started: The Get Started page includes links to deeper dives into contributing to Wikipedia, Commons, or WikiSource. It also lists the main mission or value proposition for the GLAM-Wiki Community.
- Model Projects: This is a list of Best Practices that is broken up into various ways GLAMs can best coordinate with Wikimedia. Each section has links to overviews, how-to guides, and case studies.
- Contact: This is a different list from the Connect lists above. It includes the email to the global glam OTRS email, a link to the public GLAM list serv, links to search for a chapter, and a list of individuals based by continent.
- Mailing Lists: This page lists the various options for GLAM mailing lists, and is also the place to request to join the closed Cultural Partners mailing list.
- Case Studies: A substantial listing of GLAM Case Studies, separated out by Libraries, Archives, and Museums.
- GLAM Events: Descriptions of the main kinds of GLAM events, in order to streamline the branding of the various events and not perpetuate confusion. Includes examples and resources.
- Calendar: A global calendar of GLAM-related events.
- Newsletter: The current This Month in GLAM and a link to the TMIG archives.
- Resources: A brief list of resources, including evaluation and other tools. (Needs to be clarified and readdressed.)
- GLAM Tools: A chart of GLAM-related tools, including a link, description, and their current status.
- Volunteers: A third list of Wikimedia contacts/volunteers available for GLAM projects. Focused on global community.
- Other Pages: A random listing of resources for GLAM coordination, including the Toolset Project and other how-to guides.
- Projects & Events: A list of GLAM projects and GLAM events separated by continent. (Out of date.)


- Wikipedian in Residence: This is the Outreach page for information on the Wikipedian-in-Residence program and the list of current/past Wikipedian-in-Residence.
- Wikipedian in residence: This is the main page on Wikipedia for "Wikipedian-in-Residence."
- Wikipedian-in-Residence Outreach review/guide: (needs revising).

Social Media[edit]

  • GLAM-Wiki US Blog: Last updated in 2012, the vision for this blog was to provide GLAM-Wiki FAQ information in approachable, digestible blog posts, which are easier for GLAM professionals to access and share.
- Audience: GLAM professionals.
  • GLAM-Wiki US Facebook Page: This is the brand page, which means that only admins can post updates. It has had updates on a monthly basis, but requires much more consistency in the number of posts. The Facebook algorithm makes it nearly impossible for those who like the page to have it served up in their newsfeeds, because Facebook doesn't favor brand pages. This page is therefore less useful at this point.
- Audience: GLAM professionals and Wikimedians. 1,087 followers as of March 2015.
  • GLAM-Wiki US Facebook Group: This is the public group, which means that all group members can post and discuss GLAM-related content. This also provides the option to create events and files that can be easily shared on Facebook. This group is more useful and relevant at this point.
- Audience: Highly involved GLAM-Wikimedians. 75 members as of March 2015.
  • @glamwiki: The @glamwiki Twitter account is a global account that is run by whoever is interested in running it! A few key GLAM-Wiki members have access to the password, including Lori Phillips, Dominic McDevitt-Parks, Alex Hinojo, and Liam Wyatt. Others may also have access.
- Audience: A highly-visible platform for public engagement, this account has 1,895 followers as of March 2015. It is not consistently active, but has much potential if it were to remain active.

Tools & How-To Guides[edit]


  • Evaluation of GLAM-Outreach: The results of an analysis and workshop around GLAM Evaluation in 2013, organized according to different types of GLAM-WIKI cooperations.
  • Indicators of Success: This page provides an overview of metrics and indicators of success that can be used to evaluate GLAM-Wiki cooperations. Gathered during a GLAM-Wiki evaluation workshop at Wikimania 2013.

Edit-a-Thon Guides[edit]

Other Guides[edit]

  • Backstage Pass: A brief definition of the Backstage Pass model, including links to some case studies.
  • w:en:WP:WIKISOO, a 6 week "Writing Wikipedia Articles" course designed by Pete Forsyth and Sara Frank Bristow; can be adapted (for instance) as an in-depth Wikipedia for museum curators, librarians etc., and/or prospective Wikipedians in Residence
  • How to start a successful GLAM partnership: Some advice how to prepare a first meeting with a GLAM institution, arguments and obstacles. Guide is available in German and English.