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Backstage pass at the British Museum

GLAM professionals and their institutions are encouraged to contribute to the Wikimedia projects, including the well-known Wikipedia. This page helps to explain how Wikipedia can help make an impact in your institution.

Why should I contribute to Wikimedia?[edit]

  • Like your institution, our goal is to preserve heritage and history.
  • Wikimedia is a well-tested platform for digitisation, with established best practices and a huge online audience.
  • Innovative partnerships with Wikimedia can translate into publicity for your institution.
  • We are a fellow nonprofit movement.

How can I help?[edit]

Wikipedia Loves Libraries event at Multnomah County Library, Oregon, USA


Wikipedia is the world's most popular not-for-profit website and the world's largest encyclopedia. Your institution can create or enhance Wikipedia articles, provide resources to help those writing articles, and assist with research.

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Wikimedia Commons is the free media repository used by Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Your institution can contribute images, video, and other media, as well as meta-data and media descriptions.


Wikisource is a free library of primary sources, featuring transcribed manuscripts. Your institution can provide manuscripts for scanning and uploading, as well as assistance with transcription.