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Lesson Plan: Translation on Wikipedia
You can download and print the PDF version of the lesson plan by clicking on the thumbnail above.
→Lesson plan in Spanish

Estimated time length[edit]

60 minutes

Learning objectives[edit]

Students will gain, reinforce, understand, or learn:

  • The ability to create expository writing in another language
  • The ability to effectively communicate meaning in another language
  • Their vocabulary knowledge in another language
  • Greater understanding of the other language
  • Greater understanding of their native language
  • The knowledge of how a large online community works
  • How to collaborate with others worldwide in an online community

Step-by-step process[edit]

  1. Watch an instructional video on Wikimedia Foundation YouTube channel about how to do translations.
  2. Find one article to translate and assign ~500 words or a certain section for each student. (This amount can be changed to whatever you feel best fits your class).
  3. Use content translation tool to enter translations.
  4. Translate the article.

Resources and tools[edit]