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JATS 4 Reuse; Automated import into Wikisource and Commons

By Daniel Mietchen

JATS 4 Reuse

At a workshop in Cambridge in June, a working group was founded that aims at making documents marked up in JATS more amenable to reuse by automated tools like the Open Access Media Importer (see below). This workgroup - dubbed JATS4R (JATS for reuse) - will have regular teleconferences on the first Wednesday each month at 4pm UK time. The first of these took place on July 2, where issues around signalling license information were discussed. JATS is the XML standard for ingesting scholarly articles into PubMed Central, and the JATS4R group was sparked after inconsistencies had been observed in the XML that publishers actually deliver to PubMed Central.

Automated import of scholarly articles into the English Wikisource

Tests for importing the full text of scholarly articles into Wikisource (and the associated images into Commons) continued, with a number of bugs squeezed in the process. Some of these bugs reflect the inconsistencies mentioned above and inform the JATS4R process with concrete examples.

Open Access Media Importer

The following represents a selection of the ca. 300 files that have been uploaded by the Open Access Media Importer this month, bringing the total to over 17,200. If you can think of wiki pages where these files could be useful, please put them in there or let us know.

Open Access File of the Day

The following files have been featured as Open Access File of the Day this month:

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