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This page is a translated version of the page Best practices and the translation is 100% complete.

"Bes practisis in phublic oatreach" will bea a callecshan a aatikls deskribin experiehences in winnin new valentears, paatnas, cantent, an aaudiences. Given dat sevral chaptas ave hAlready developed successful projec fi hEngage new taagit group or deepen relashanships to new Wikimedians, dis pyage is a farrum fi dem weh waan fi spred di word.

Dis is nat a compriensive lis. If yuh waa share yuh idea dem pon how fi engage new peopl, pleas write yuh aatikl ere or elp fi expan bes practis artikls. Be boal!

If yuh nuh ab nuh experihence yet, but yu wudda like fi share yuh nalige bout Wikimedia projects or tell peipl bout di benifit yuh yuh reciavh fraa cantributin to Wikipedya, den fiin waah projec yah so weh soot yuh backgroan. Anybaddy cyaan staat dem own public oatreach projec. Speshal skill nuh requiad. Dem yah peij yah develop by di valinteers an serve as waah step-by-step tutourial. Ebry projec taagit waah diffrent group an give speshal tips pon how fi approach an intarac in fis paaticula enviranment. Workin inna public oatreach, it elpful fi kip sum stratigy inna mind!

If yuh hab done great public oatreach wok but yuh nuh sure ow fi dacciment yuh experihence read dis gidelians fus!

Join di teem!

Waah teim a Wikimedians fram difrent cuntries a wok pon hextendin an improavin di bes practis piejs pon dis wiki. Pleas feel invitid fi jiin di teim by addin yuh niem pon Bes practiss|Daccumentiashan tiem


Please elp wi fi improav di fallawin piejs so dat a (newly) Wikipedian is aible fi successfully accumplish waah public oatreach projec.