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This page is a translated version of the page GLAM/Get started and the translation is 30% complete.

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البدءمشاريع نموذجية ودراسات حالةتقييم المشاريعالاتصال بنا
لمجتمع جلام الويكي: تواصلالنقاشتقويمالنشرات الإخباريةمواردمتطوعونصفحات أخرى

Backstage pass at the British Museum

GLAM professionals and their institutions are encouraged to contribute to the Wikimedia projects, including the well-known Wikipedia. This page helps to explain how Wikipedia can help make an impact in your institution.

=== لماذا ي نبغي علي المساهمة في ويكيمديا؟ ===

  • Like your institutions, our goal is to preserve heritage and history and spread knowledge.
  • Wikimedia is a well-tested platform for digitalization, with established best practices and a huge online audience.
  • Innovative partnerships with Wikimedia can translate into publicity for your institution.
  • We are a fellow nonprofit movement.

---Wikipedia is a knowledge spreading platform.

كيف يمكنني المساعدة؟

Wikipedia Loves Libraries event at Multnomah County Library, Oregon, USA


Wikipedia is the world's most popular not-for-profit website and the world's largest encyclopedia. Your institution can create or enhance Wikipedia articles, provide resources to help those writing articles, and assist with research. Frequently, institutions can help fill gaps on Wikipedia around key topics important to your organization or systematically underrepresented on Wikipedia.

ويكيميديا كومنز

Wikimedia Commons is the free media repository used by Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Your institution can contribute images, video, and other media, as well as meta-data and media descriptions.

ويكي مصدر

Wikisource is a free library of primary sources, featuring transcribed manuscripts. Your institution can provide manuscripts for scanning and uploading, as well as assistance with transcription.

ويكي بيانات

Wikidata is the multilingual, linked, structured open data project in the Wikimedia Community. Wikidata helps share key structured information and data between Wikimedia projects, and associates these data items with identifier and records throughout the Open Data ecosystem. Institutions can integrate Wikidata into existing metadata projects and donating openly licensed data to Wikidata strengthens the collective record.