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This page is a translated version of the page Main Page and the translation is 100% complete.
"Wha'a Wikipedya?" vidyo inna Panish wid subtiatl inna multipl langweij.

Oatreach. Di Wikimedia way.

Oatreach wiki searve as waa yaad fi sevral oatreach an callabaration inishitives. hIt's a bookshelf, waa callecshan a bes practisis, an a caadinashan piint fi any activity weh direc to di public, to cultral institushans, or to educashan programs.

Owa mission a fi recrute an suppoat new Wikimedians an fi buil strang relashanships wid cultral an educashanal paatnas. Wi need yuh elp in mekkin dis collaborative palfaam bigga, betta an more useful. Dere's nuff fi do.


Dis projec wock wid gallari, libri, aachive, an musiums fi bring cultral cantent anline.


Di Wikimedia Education Portal cannect peopl who use Wikipedya an relatid projec in education chuoought di worl.