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"Whit's Wikipædia?" video in Spainish wi subtitles in monie leids.

Ootreach. The Wikimedia waa.
Ootreach wiki serves aes ae hame fer several ootreach n collaboration ineetiateeves. It's ae buikshelf, ae collection o the best practices, n ae ralie point fer onie actevitie that's directie tae the publeec, tae cultural institutions, or tae education programs.

Oor mission is tae bring abuird n support new Wikimedians n tae big strang relationships wi cultural n educational pairtners. We need yer help tae mak this collaborateeve platform muckler, better, n mair uissfu. Thaur's ae fair heap tae get duin.


This project works with galleries, libraries, archives and museums to bring cultural content online.


The Wikimedia Education Portal connects people who use Wikipedia and related projects in education throughout the world.

Best practices

This project creates documentation for people promoting Wikimedia.

Success stories

This project tracks our initiatives and writes about the project's history.

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